Saturday, April 22, 2006

So yeah in the interim I've been busy hey. Been wondering and wandering lots. This post is a quick reflection on Blaaaaahnia. Yes I was told, art and literature and all those things, study it for the passion of it, but you're never gonna become super rich doing it. So the rebel in me, says screw the capitalist system, I'll be ok, I think*holding thumbs*, that and well, the artsy, broke bohemian existance seemed sort of romantic back in the day....

Blaaaaahnians regard success in life as living up to the Indian dream. Yes, I say this as a charo. I'd like to say right here and now that I am NOT Indian, I'm an African. I was born and bred in Africa although ethnically and racially I'm Indian/Asian. Technicalities aside....

Well yeah I shouldn't generalise or bitch and moan about left over traditionalism and cultural memes because there's usually a realistic and sound reason for the logic behind it in it's ORIGINAL, HISTORICAL context. I do, however, have a problem when things don't move with the times and the reasons behind mundane things falls under the generic category of "because..." and the famous dramatic gap.

Returning to my original point, I refuse to follow the path of living to die with a house in a nice area, paid off bond, two decent cars, a timeshare, granite top kitchen(s), the full AMC pot range, a DSTV subscription with the additional bouquets;can't forget that God-awful ZeeTv :P, kids in private school and the odd overseas family trip.

Middle class dreams, at this stage in my life, do not fascinate me. But I can understand why they'd be important to some people. However, it is offensive when a Blaaaaahnian shoves it down at you. Blaaaaahnia is filled with such sods.

I forgive them, their world is small, they know not there are others living in a parallel universe. A universe where Blaaaaahnians don't belong or will ever fit in. Maybe one day when they discover it, they'll know what it's like. But in all likelihood, they'll waft in, buy a souvenir and drift out without realising the value of the real estate that they've left behind.

I feel sad for them, they never know that warm and fuzzy feeling of saying something outright corny like "O MY GOTH", in all probability they'd be chuffed at correcting you and saying "No dear, it's God...OMG u didn't know that?"


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