Thursday, May 31, 2007

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29 hours straight hours of insomnia and counting...

First Year students should be shot.

Discovered this week with shock-horror-awe that our little department has 10 000 odd students in it across the board and various courses. WTF...Rhodes University has like 6000 students in their ENTIRE armoury. And to think hey, 10 000 student numbers, email addresses, bank details, phone numbers, parents details etc etc are more or less( with varying degrees of difficulty) all at my disposal. *sigh* Sometimes, I think, in these awake hours that it's such a waste that I do not have criminal or stalker tendencies.

Could be fun.

More fun than having your head stuffed so far up some peoples' butts that it's emerging outta their mouths. Okay that was a disturbing image, but it's true for some people.

Spongebob's here to stay for a while, he makes me happy. He's honest and sweet; a sea dweller with simple values, big imagination and heart of gold.

The arthritis in my pinkie's acting up now because of the cold. Goodbye. Yes, Hamish I do have arthritis in one finger and no I am NOT over the hill...yet. Choice time now...Kafka, Eliot,Bronte (Charlotte),James, Sartre,or more rambling in other forms?

It was THE epitome of excellent output in the English Canon(whom I incidentally don't heart much) who said "Oh sleep!Oh gentle sleep! Nature’s soft nurse,how have I frighted thee,that thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down and steep my senses in forgetfulness? Why rather,sleep,liest thou in smoky cribs,upon uneasy pallets stretching thee,and hushed with buzzing night flies to thy slumber,than in the perfumed chambers of the great,under the canopies of costly state,and lulled with sound of sweetest melody?" Henry IV if I'm not mistaken. Extra point to whoever figures out the Act, Scene and if Henry IV is the correct option anyways. Too uncaring to Google, check it up if you must.

I think that was the worst thing I could've done now, the mind buzzes again. I really should amass enough of my arb thoughts and random bits of literary trivia into a compendium or some kind of reference device for myself. Years later I'll think of the weird moments of insomnia and lol to myself.I'm weird like that.Though of this I am completely sure "to sleep,perchance to dream, aye there's the rub."Hamlet III, i.

And that's not suprising, because every person on earth with an iota of English knowledge parades about quoting this section like a freaking Professor Emeritus of Literature. Screw you, you reject plebs. Pariahs of the literary world. The minute you start with your "To be or not to be..." bullshit I can and will tell you "No, you cannot and should not gone".Twit. A twit is a pregnant goldfish, I told my students that last week, they laughed. whooohoooo brain power of the Blaaaaah species duly noted.

"I cried to dream again." said Caliban, and so vile was he and so reprehensible but did we not marvel when even a creature such as his drunken self would "not serve him, (because) he's not valiant." And yeah..Even Caliban placed a limit on the baseness and cruelty which was bestowed on him I guess.Even Caliban had his honour and his pride.

I ramble.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

queen_Lestat's Insomnia Thoughts 101

Never refuse a breath mint.

meeeh lol.

Okay, granted, both the originality and importance of that statement is questionable. But it popped into my head now. And no, I am not in the mood to Google my own thoughts. And yes, I do that at times, cos there's somethings which are just too random(not to mention weird) which flood my mind.And I do it because I'm heavily mediated and so I may be under the subconscious control of that Institution Amichand Rajbansi so lovingly calls "the meeed-yaah" (mebbe you should hear him say the phrase. It R LOL-ers)and I would like to reference the source accordingly.

This Chronicle Will Now Give Way So That qL And Jane Austen May Share Some Quality Time

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Margarine By Any Other Name Would Still Be A Blog

I hardly watch tv. Well I'm blessed to have etv and only etv, not even SABC. (long story).I only found out this weekend that Mnet Open Time no longer exists. So anyways I'm behind with tv. I have x files on dvd, I have LOTR on dvd, I have ADSL and YouTube. I am happy. I read newspapers and I select the news I want online, so don't really watch the news either. Well that, and I have serious issues with SA news and it's total reliance on the proximity before importance clause. O and with etv(though May looks like a good movie month) the adverts drive me insane, I can just see the Fellowship of the Ring next weekend dragging out into a 6 hour affair.

But...But...twice this weekend I was so blessed as to see the Stork Margarine/Cuilliness(sp?) stuff being advertised and all this woman talks about is her blog with an AWFUL pun (I swear not even I am that bad) something to do with "my blog is just MySpace" har har. QUESTION: "what does margarine have to do with blogging?" I have no idea, though Cobain darling dearest did.But yes, he has a gutter mind.

I have enough media and marketing knowledge to say that you sell a product to a target market. Right? So are bloggers margarine people? I am not. I loathe the stuff.Dunno about you guys though, but that ad is THE (I typed that pressing shift key down...that's how much emphasis is required)most retarded thing I've ever seen. Who is the moron who think-tanked that up? Furthermore how idiotic are the Stork people to accept such a poor ad and ridiculous concept? It goes beyond Blaaaaah, it goes headfirst into the realm of "unforgiveable".

Maybe I don't get the point. Maybe it's briiiilllliant and I am completely missing the Loerie potential of this bey-bee.

Then Bullard had his say on blogging and bloggers. The past 4 weeks the Sunday Times has been having this blog mania thing. It's like SA has discovered blogging. No wait, cancel that...the internet*wide-eyed wonder*. whoopdidoo. -_-

Furthermore(no she isn't done yet) there's this n00b upstart ex-tech support guy(probably, that's what my imagination says) at the Sunday times who has this YouTube punting column. Basically tells you what to search for for a cheap lol. Now I find this unacceptable; that he gets paid to abuse bandwidth and publish this shyte. Anyone can 'Tube on their own. Somehow that sounded worse than it was supposed to. What I really wanna know is how dumb do they think we are? Obviously they have not encountered real 'net addicts. Condescending, that's the word we use to describe good ol' Sunday Times.

Okay I need a conclusion, I haven't blogged a real Chronicle in forever and a day. Aaaaaaaalllways. Shyte! I make an awful Jon Bon Jovi. And now I must be off to go and speak to young and impressionable first year students about the nature of sources which they employ and how no matter how l33t you think wiki is...when it comes to assignments; gimme Google scholar and no one gets failed.

"I know, I used to find the Internet intimidating too. But this is amazing. It's... my space where I can just express myself...."

LOL (mustremembernottolaughattheStorklady)

PS happy birthday to H today and to R tomorrow. Love you guys lots :)

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