Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Chronicles Turn 1...

This is how it all began and yes, I know I'm not the most avid or regular poster, but I do have a few other stuff to do with my life too. And I'm feeling awful that I missed my blog's birthday which for some reason I thought was around the 20th-ish.

Anyway, it is with much amusement that I find that due to my recent non-postingness spree, my traffic's been sort of dead, no suprise hey lol. Kinda come full circle from when I started this blog on a very bored, sudden whim, no thought, head first jump and then I got stuck with it.I never expected anyone to read it, let alone have it appear on Google noggal (*sigh* you know you're geek when you measure your success by your appearances on Google hey?). Don't believe me? Go ahead...type "Raging Mobsters" in and see :P. It was just supposed to be meaningless, arb bits here and there and what do you know, now I actually have people telling me to update. Which I should and which I could, but damnit people, don't turn blogging into a job.Blaaaaahness.

Well in order to say a great big happy birthday to my very own symbol of l33tness. I shall stick a picture in right here:

And in typical kitsch 1st year birthday party style, it's all blog-geek themed too.Hey wait, I got a new complaint *headbangs* first year birthday parties are such an idiotic thing to do, a complete Blaaaaahnian splurge on a brat that's usually screaming and miserable, but that's another story. No, no, no Chronicles, you're not a brat, I was referring to OTHER people's children, not you.

Oi, I'm not so delayed... I saw Tuesday 15th November and thought since today's Wednesday...blaaaaah, so I'm not the most responsible blogger on the planet *shrugs*.
To all of you who take the time to read my verbose ramblings, thanks, hope it's worth the read in some way or the other.

une reine_Lestat très heureuse

Saturday, November 11, 2006

We interrupt the Chronicles for a quick...

Friend of mine alerted me to this, it's really beautiful. Big up to the SA boys for teaching this crazy world a thing or two. I've had the pleasure of chatting to these guys and they're really lovely. Check the T-shirt out, talk about being subversive and plugging SA wherever you can (which they do).

I will have my say on the Live issue, and the PW issue, and the stalker issue. Bear with me, lots of marking and other such stuff to do...been busy, but I'm alive and Blaaaaahnia is still in a state of despotic stupidity. Ya so to make up for my absence I'm treating you guys to a born and bred SA band Just Jinjer- In his Name. Enjoy!!! And continue to support SA music, we're a very talented nation.

brb(few more days, Indian time, give or take)