Thursday, May 18, 2006

In keeping with the spirit of democracy and since I'm all for such things as freedom of choice and I really and truly believe the human race is capable of creativity;I shall leave an insult gap such as *THEM* or *THEY* on this blog. Please feel extraordinarily free to make use of any such term you see fit at that point. This could be anything, from amongst others, idiots, dimwits,twats,shitheads,naais,wankers,anally retentive reprobates,moron deluxes,theory of evolution's missing links, neanderthals?. Okay, now is when I stop because if I think anymore, I am going to scream.

Okay, so here's the deal. It might not be a big deal to you, but it is to me, and hey in this capitalist-scum infested world, selfishness shall prevail and this is where I say, this's my blog....Okay back, so there's this house just as you turn up towards my place. It was a beautiful quaint and quirky typical SA sort of country-fied house. Think stoep, and outdoor entertainment-braai type place etc. Nothing really remarkable except that outside this house there's this beautiful tree. This is the type of tree that appeals to us dreamers. It is very Lothlorein in the way it stoops with age. The branches hang over and join hands with the tree across the road and it creates a canopy as you drive uphill. It's the sort of tree you'd think is an Ent. It just seems to sigh in the wind. It's the type of tree you look at and you think to yourself, if you could talk, all the years and years of memories and history and snippets of conversation that you could tell me would fascinate me no end.

Right now, hippy moments aside for a bit, this house burnt down a few years ago, and the old man and woman were shipped off to a retirement village(incidently, this practise deserves to be blogged on too, remind me someone...). The sort of shell of the house and the property was then sold to a very rich, rather influential lot of Blaaaaahnians. The sort that are the "holy" type whilst living in abject affluence(it doesn't sound kosher yeah, but it's a delibrate oxymoron of sorts. F.R. LEAVIS WHEREFORE ART THOU NOW?!). In typical Blaaaaahnian fashion, *THEY*(see introductory paragraph) demolished the entire building and put something uber up.Think a house that expands nearly the entire width of a plot of about 1500 sq. meters, a house that goes up by about two storeys and a bit , as well as underground, and whose length is just as big as the width. Besides being totally ombeskof in that type of agressive Blaaaaahnian architecture. These *PEOPLE*(see introductory paragraph) proceeded to uproot the entire garden in order to have brick paving. And here the bitch in me says *THEY'VE* rebuilt the exact same house *THEY* already have in the neighbouring Blaaaaahnia. Hmmm, saving on an architect's fee, perhaps?Lack of creativity, maybe? Who cares anyway, underling Blaaaaahnian sods to them, will still handle the ooh-ing and aah-ing pre-launch marketing campaign something along the lines of "Have you seen the new house, whatwhat lovely, smartsmart style..." or something equally redundant and blaaaaah....

Now, a little more history, this house has a borehole and so the original owners continously watered the garden and it was always a lush green so deep it was almost black. They shared this water with the neighbours across the road and thus kept the street well foliaged.

This morning I left at some unGodly hour, and as i get to the stop street, I was blinded, the rising sun pierced through so fiercely. And that was when I realised *THEY* had cut the tree down. I looked at the ground and i saw the broad stumps with the last bits of sap still bleeding blood-like white streaks down to the ground. There was the wood, yellowed and slowly being bleached in the sun, the rings too numerous to count. It's the end of the era of that smell of pine cones and the freezing cold air on a winter's afternoon flooding the street as you drive up.

This kind of thing is typical of the arrogance of Blaaaaahnians. I was thinking of something from Alice in Wonderland at the Queen's Croquet-Ground where (I think) the Mad Hatter tells Alice about the Queen wanting to punish him for "murdering time" and she yells "Off with his head!!!"

Just because she's Queen, she can do what she likes. Much the same philosophy works for Blaaaaahnians.Well for that kind of attitude, I mean the tree, which they've just murdered, belongs to the Council and not them. *THEY'VE* (see introductory paragraph) just taken it upon themselves to expose their ugly face-brick lackofimagination wall to everyone. Yes, we know you have the biggest house on two blocks. Yes, we know you need to be acknowledged by your monetary status because that is how you value human life.But please tell me, who the HELL gives you the freaking right to play God?Who gives you the right to be butchers of nature? And for what? The tree was an indigenous hardwood, it would never be a real cost to your cheap-asses. Well now, nature will have it's way on you, your two-storey high glass frontage is going to be attracting more sun than you bargained for, making your house a total living hell-fire. But off course it's not your fault. I mean if you had that tree there how would you peer into your neighbours homes and sneer?

Blaaaaahnians in general disrespect other people, other people's values and beliefs, therefore they do not take anyone or anything else into consideration besides themselves. They're a selfish folk for whom with great wealth and power does not come great responsibilty(Thank you Spiderman) or a modern day sense of what the Victorians called noblesse oblige. It simply means that they're exempt from being accountable to anyone, and they can just do as they damn well please with absolutely no consideration for other people.*weep, sigh,sigh some more...*

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi rajioon, yes for even trees have life, and in respecting nature we respect the Power of God.


P.S. This pic is not that of the deceased, I never got the opportunity to try and take out one, because I never could encapsulate it quite right, this is just another tree down my road.And well I love trees, need I explain more? :(