Monday, November 21, 2005

And so i sit in a semi-desolate place
wondering if I think, will I be afraid
if I don't think, will I be glad?

The wind sings to some and screams to others...
Perceptions are a thing to be wary of, for we can never truly know what lies within or over or above or under or any other preposition applicable. It's also a human factor,we are prone to it, hard wired somehow. So senseless trying to talk myself out of it, or any of you either.

We should be wary of it people...very, very wary of it.

I'm listening to Beethoven's Fur Elise. It's a sombre piece, perhaps his most famous. I remember the hours and hours of practice i put into learning bits of it. I now wish I'd spent more time on it. Someday I'll go back to it.

I'm ranting now, what i mean to say is that Beethoven was deaf but he composed the most beautiful pieces. Think of Symphony Number 9 The Ode to Joy. It's perfect notationally, simple to play compared to other classical pieces and yet expresses the mood of the idea an ODE TO JOY so perfectly.

Therein lies the danger of perception, how does a deaf man hear?, how does a blind man see? and yet they do... And us? What of us? We are closed off because we deny ourselves simplicity.We do not feel, therefore we do not have. In Blaaaaahnia, we trust and to the Light we are lost.

Ilal Li'quah

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

After my semi-zombied state yesterday, I think I'll give this another go. It takes a while for techno-twats like me to become acquainted with such tools of modern art. Yips, so I got a job today, worked a full shift from of tomorrow I'm unemployed again. Aaaah but it was a kick to tell my friends "Nah sorry, can't make it, have work tomorrow...". Well, blaaaaahness of that aside, I think I need to share a thought I had today.Mr Orlando Bloom, who I firmly believe should thank his lucky stars for the Legolas GreenLeaf opportunity, seems like he's named after two major characters of modernist works...*think a bit now people* Virginia Woolf's Orlando and James Joyce's Leopold Bloom. HAH! yeah, I felt pretty chuffed with myself too. Was one of those moments wherein I gaze lovingly into my bookshelf and wait for the seraphs of inspiration to descend upon me. Or a bolt of lightning to strike me.

So now we can move along to a non literary topic for a bit I think. I decided today that I might actually take myself seriously sometimes. That's not very good, I like to be shocked at the thoughts that go through my head. It's really cool thinking, you realise you know some stuff sometimes, but more often than not you realise you know nothng at all. A Human Anomaly. Blaaaaahnia is full of it, well I'm convinced sometimes that people really don't think. For example, a friend of mine emailed me a screen shot of some guy's email to him. This person/neanderthal puts his car speakers into an ice cream tub! Yes, in his car...whatever happened to using your noodle and having it installed where it's supposed to be! Instead the fool has them in empty ice-cream tubs, I'm sure the speakers would feel that that type of low cost housing is an insult. Jeez, people a little bit of Logic is not rocket science. But sadly there are those who are always willing to prove to the world that MAN is not as totally evolved as HE thinks he is. (Feminists relax: when women provide sufficient stupidity, I will gladly add CAPS to their pronouns too).

Good song on now, guess the lyrics "and should I fall from grace, here with you, would you leave me too?"


PS(you guessed correctly if you went with the Pumpkins option)
So I sit here, it's almost an hour into the new day. And here I am, a blog all up and nothing to write.
Just kidding!! Not shutting up is a forte of mine...well sometimes when i go queen_Lestat morbid extraordinaire then I am. But there's a lot to be said about blaaaahnia. It's in everyday mundanity that we find our eccentricities. For example, why do I always want to get into the lane I'm supposed to be in as soon as possible? I was pondering that today as i crossed to the right a good 1 km away from where i actually have to turn. Is this foresight? I wonder...

keep you posted soon