Sunday, September 09, 2007

WB!!!! *lag* BRB

So it's a month since I lasted posted. Talk about having a knack for stating the obvious.That sure as hell beats the DearDiaryTodayI... introductions. I don't care, should I be? I don't know. Anyways today I found a few minutes to actually read all the comments on the post below and I will try to keep up with the rest of them pouring in. Talk about pulling people out of the woodwork, it was not the point of the post, but thanks anyway guys. You non-Google account holding loyal readers...yeah you know who you are :P.

And then I found some utterly stupid comments, which annoyed me no end. But I don't suppose some people will ever learn that basic decency and sensitivity is a universal human language and not limited to English, while there are yet others who really have nothing to contribute besides showing their own empty minds.

And no, I don't feel like being nice about it and all blogger-buddy and keeping up appearances in the bloggerhood. There are utter fucktards out there, and some have left their mark here.Like animal piss.Only this isn't your territory.Blaaaaahnia is your land. I am the antithesis of Blaaaaaahnian, you are the personification. Don't get it? I refer you to to Abrams' A Glossary of Literary Terms and to Peck and Coyle's Literary Terms and Criticism. Although, I think that too is a wasted trip to the library. The point of being firmly rooted in the Blaaaaaah species is that you don't get anything. Ever.

Anon retard still emaileth the same old filters it as spam....MORON.Though credit...if I was that bored to be doing such childish things and being ignored I'd have stopped by email 2 but not this fine, young specimen of the best of Blaaaaahnia. No sir...67 emails and counting...

There's not much left for me to say or comment on what's already been said. And when things are over and done for yours truly, queen_Lestat (there's a reason for my choice of capitalisation.I am SUCH a Modernist at times), then they are well and truly over.Read the comments and imagine what I'd have to say to you if you need a reply. And remember...when it comes to terminal stupidity...I am not very forgiving.

Here's a little entertainment, until such time as I next grace you with my esteemed presence.When I first saw this guy I was like zOMG MARRY ME!!! This is raw talent.A little something which many people don't possess, together with dignity(but that's another debate altogether).My equally talented Chylde (yes, qL has adopted a chylde :P) gets a big thanks for being the first to link me up to this guy (thereafter I whored the link off to several other relevant people, and this has been meant to be posted for eons now). Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present *drumroll* Andy Mckee with Drifting:


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