Monday, January 29, 2007

Nkosi Sikele...

Times like don't you just wish you were in America? Soooo road trip anyone? (And please don't gimme crap comments about music and concerts and their direct relationship with your senses of Halaal and Haraam and all that shit again.People(especially anonymous ones) with blinkers WILL BE SHOT.Anyone with the slightest music knowledge and pop culture and loooooads of alternative culture savvy will realise just what a big deal this is. A line up of what is arguably the biggest music names of the last decade or more.)

Let us weep for being stationed at the bottom of Africa. A small mercy is that at least I'm not in Cape Town...which really is the bottom of the pile :P

*Waits for the floodgate of the Storming Capetonians to start*
The Gauteng Province Fundamentalist

PS just so that you all know (before the barrage starts) I'm very proudly South African. Just would be nice to imagine summing like this could happen here. This is the honeymoon of the marriage of some of the greatest music ever.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

This post is about you...

Only, you're too dom to find it...

This is especially for you, you who needs to think in colour.

May it follow you around always like a loyal puppy dog. You can't escape your own stupidity.

But in the spirit of all things nice and me being well me...
May the force be with you (wherever you go and whatever path you take)

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

eh? Who said the Truth isn't out there?

Yeah, so I am a liiiiiiitle obsessed with the x-files (at season 8 now;)). The Lone Gunmen spin off series was never aired in SA so I was looking for a set online and found this. I had heard of this story before via my own personal geek network, but always assumed it was an urban legend type thing. I absolutely adored the Lone Gunmen, nowadays they remind me of a certain 3 people I know, who shall remain un-hyperlinked :P. If you suspected this but were never sure...But, ladies and gentleman, loyal subjects... now...teh_proof I give you...

Enjoy :)

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pass it on...

My pet peeve of an organisation. Everyone sing with me(to the tune of Queen's
Princes of the Universe)

Here they are, porn could be king
But they're the bastards of the uuuuuuuuniverse

Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a country with the hiiiiiighest phone costs
(ok doesn't work, humour me...QL)

And here they are they're the assholes of our blog-o-sphere
Here they stay, making us fight for survival
They've come to be the rulers of our world

They are immortal, they have inside them tons of bling
They have no rival, no spam can be their equal
Not taking us to the future of the world...

Okay, I can't think of anymore now. But Telkom sucks.

_|_ eff_ewe Telkom

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snot en Trane and All Things Brilliantly Happy

I laughed, I cried, I nearly died.

Okay, melodrama.... But I was semi catatonic for at least 30 seconds. This is one of the l33test, most non Blaaaaaah things to happen in o say about 7 yrs. Read O loyal subjects, read...your tissues are in the post.

*plays air guitar while jumping around screaming "you're the murder in my world..."*

PS... As promised earlier(see below or below the below) on my thoughts on becoming a celebrity sue-er, *da da da daaa (JAWS OST)* I hereby present my case...

*trane= tears (for non Seffrikens)

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Even half a twitch of the lips will do...

Check what I found! This is one of my favourite sites which for some reason I've never linked up at Cool Clicks. *drumroll* I give to you... The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. There's just so much here to tickle even the most jaded of academics. And nothing here can possibly appeal to any Blaaaaahnian on the face of this earth, and here I shall refrain from insulting the species of which I speak because their mere presence says it all. But here's the cheap "lol of the day". As the title of this post goes, humour the Queen of Bad puns and all things dry with a semi -smile at least.
It's a mug with the USA Bill of Rights printed(is that the correct word? Can you print on a mug?)or etched(maybe? perhaps?) rather onto it. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh lol but as you put hot liquid into it, the more the "rights" disappear. Same principle as those stuff you used to get in the coco-pops bags, those colour changing spoons, only infinitely more l33t and g33ky.


P.S. 23 February is my birthday, as well as Dana Scully's, as well as zee's. Now I dunno about them, but this is teh_l33tn3ss personified. Literary kitsch, I like :)

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Monday, January 08, 2007

'Twas the season to be bo-ored

Hello friendly friends!!! Who used to say that? Aaaah ye that turtle fellow...

The parents are back from Hajj.And I've been making my own little pilgrimage with little offerings of tea, zam zam, etc up and down and around and lets clean up now and then lets start over again.Usual drift at my place, only on steroids now. Apparently quite a marvelous experience, and best done when you're young. In the process cashed in on an ipod. YAY!!! now I just gotta figure out how the damn thing works. And while I cashed in on a cult item of the 'naughties i lost out on a cult item of the last century. The last pair of Doc Martens died. dead. gone. finished. impossible. dunno how it happened, but it's over, ripped asunder. Now not only have I seen Live in concert, but now ze Docs have died. Grunge is over. The music will live on forever though.*siiiiiiiiigh* enough tragedy...

O I learned to cook, not that I couldn't before, but now I can cook like what my aunt calls "a proper human being".Talk about charo fundamentalism. Anyone up for khuri kichari? dhaal and rice?All the optional extras that go with it?

I flew a plane. I kid you not. A Cessna 172. Went flight training at Rand Airport, which's in and around Germiston side of GP. Once we reached around 7000 feet I was allowed to steer and navigate all the way to Brixton Towers and then round Ponte Towers in Hillbrow. It was my luck that the runway was busy so we had to stay in the air for a longer period before Air Traffic Control brought us back so pilot Howdy and I took a trip around Johannesburg and then got back. It's a really beautiful city from up there. Quite an experience. Fabulous. I can see why they say that there's a height requirement for pilots.I'm not as short as I should be perhaps.A slight bit of a genetic freak I am, but it's quite tough to see over the top bar of the cockpit control panel thingy. And if you can't see over that, you can't see buildings in front of the math....

Also in this holiday, I have been weaned off the internet and most GPRS operated things, purely due to a lack of availability. However, being in the company of so many females(I am unaccustomed to the phenomenon, I have male siblings only) I've learned to slightly tolerate female whims such as browsing shops with no particular purpose or fitting on stuff you're never gonna buy...ever. However, I can go 20 minutes in a shop now, much better than the 5-10 I could spend and then say "hey guys, I'll be in the book store when you're done ok?"

Now as you can probably tell by the fact that Doc Martens have been blogged about, I do have a bit of a shoe fetish(not in THAT way), but ya i do. And for 2007 I want to buy myself a high heeled shoe. Not a boot or a sandal, but a shoe. A black one, preferably something funky, yet classic. 2007 is the year I say screw the short people, I would like to have something besides flats on my feet, if only for a little bit. Yeah, those dreams get dashed the minute you fit one on, then you realise why you wear flats. Well that and the fact that with a small heel on you're nearly 1.8m tall, and that's not so grand, when all your friends are hobbit sized. You parade around (in flats) like the Giant of Blaaaaahnia.Well not as bad as a female Matthew McGrory, but still relatively bad compared to the rest of my friends. Just once I'd like to wear something like this.

However I think I might just end up re-investing in the 90's.It's sooo much more comfortable to make tea and carry trays around in flats :)

I get a cramp in my cheek and my knees grow week...
night night

PS... got a busy year ahead of me, but I will try to continue eating up bandwidth with my arb stuff at least more than every so often. All these freaking bugs are kamikazing into my screen.Like a plague. The only light around I guess.

PPS... I might be rich, thinking of becoming a celebrity sue-er person/thing. the k-man will have details! :P

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