Wednesday, March 28, 2007

*insert verb phrase here* + Bandwagons

Okay, so I've been tagged by none other than the lone writer, mr k-man himself. And now I wonder what I can possibly say since nothing is really secret in the blog-o-sphere because in the main, the link-hopping readers of this and other Coven blogs are like most egte charos - connected some or the other way. I think Bibi-Ayesha mentioned something to that effect once. But anyways 5 things you don't know about me. Well lets just say, by now I think most of you have realised that I'm not exactly the most normal of people (I'm being diplomatic here).Prepare yourselves accordingly. And no this is not going to be a Ricky Lake snot-en-trane type session.

*Awful pun alert* This is gonna get really taggy:

5: I'm ambidextrous (children, this is the term that you use when describing someone like that girl in the corner who can write with both hands. This is not to be confused with " being 'bi' " which will be discussed when you get to big school by another teacher).

4: I'm 23 and still have my milk teeth [you're all going :| + o_O + -_- right now, yeah I know].Four on the bottom row fell out and the rest never did. Apparently it's rare but not unheard of. The enamel hardens and they become like permanents. I R a weird medical file. I have an allergy count of 714 and 0-25 is normal. 27 is abnormal! Soooo what am I?!

3: I'm double jointed. Did someone say Eugene Victor Tooms?(hyper-linked only because I feel particularly magnanimous towards the plebeians of Blaaaaahnia tonight).

2: You all know I'm a bookworm and Lit buff, but the other day on a typical book shop visit, I picked up a book called something like 1000 Books You Have To Read Before You Die or 1000 Greatest Novels Of All Time. Something to that effect. Yep, you guessed it, I've read most of them in my life time and those which I haven't read I've heard of. Here's an _|_ for whoever says that's sad.:P

1: I can't think of anything now, but if you haven't read my blog profile, then continuing with my fit of magnanimity I will point out that I can speak and understand Elvish. Sindarin and Quenya, yeah behbeh.(More so Sindarin than Quenya). Yes I watched The Lord of The Rings without needing subtitles. And you thought you were such a l33t mofo because you knew what Amitabh Bachan was saying without subtitles, eh?! *shines nails on collar*

I know this is a 5-part tag but:

0. I feel cold, most of the time. Body temperature is normal-cold. I hardly ever feel boiling hot, even in summer. There are people out there who-shall-not-be-hyperlinked will attest to this fact. And you said I wasn't really a vampire? :P

*gets the broom to fend off stalkers*

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Jiiiisssssssslaik bru!

Is it a bird?!
Is it a plane?!
Then what the fuck is that?!!!

Jiisslaaaik!!!! BRU!!!, that's a ps3... kwaai ne?

*insert dripping sarcasm here*

She who does not control the fiscal expenditure of the buyers


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Of Ageing Bodies and Eternal Words

Happy 40th birthday to the Vampiric looking genius, Billy Corgan. Someday when you Google me, remember that I hoped you had a great one. Keep the music coming.

Happy birthday to dev too (cos I won't hear the end of it :P)

Happy 50th ChroniclesofBlaaaaahnia post to queen_Lestat(I should've glammed up and done something readable but anyways, someday I shall compensate.I'm a slacker though, be warned.)

Keeping in with the Zeitgeist

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