Monday, December 04, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Loyal Subjects...

So here it is, the blog you've all been waiting for and another five other mental posts all rolled into one. Thank you Meredith Brooks. And just for the record I've been really busy. How'd the Coven of the Keyboard Scribblers gathering go? For the sake of potential blog stalkers out there, you could've found the Coven in GP this weekend. Most extraordinary. The brain power at work there is mind boggling, those who think on behalf of the Blaaaaahnians of our species.

Okay, first up. Live. Yes, it's been more than a month and besides being busy I haven't found the right words to describe it. Words have meaning which makes it kinda tricky. I've now come to realise that nothing could describe it. It really was great, besides that schmultzy conclusion, and the fact that they didn't play Freaks. For me, Live was more than a going to see a concert of a really great band. It was more a cathartic experience. The 90s are now over *sob*, time to move into the next Naughties now. I can still remember the first time I heard Lightning Crashes, I must've been about 9/10 years old. It was on the Barney Simon show, which I followed quite closely for most of my life(he's on TuksFm nowadays). I was completely blown away. Been a Live fan since. And since I'm a child who remembers what life was like without the www, I can safely say that I used to sit with a tape recorder and tape stuff off the radio. mp3 formats were semi-sci fi then. I had loads of music that way. Eventually, years later a very dear friend and Live fanatic bought me the Throwing Copper cd.

Live will always remind me of the following people Bazh, Zayzay, Dee(lol!!! we won't say why kiddo...), Ferez, and of course Rain(who can forget the wide open jaw and shock when you found out I was a Live fan)and though we've all gone our separate ways and are on different ends of the planet, I'm pretty sure every time we hear those Lakini's Juice riffs we're transported right back to the Dragonmaster "graduation". It was a bittersweet experience though to see Live without you guys again. However you were there in spirit, I know :)

The picture's kinda Blaaaah on pc but it makes a kickass wallpaper on my phone. Getting to the Dome was slightly traumatic, it just didn't stop raining. Now since I'm the queen of awful puns (I was born a sub editor) I was telling CorpseKicker and the lone male and 3/3 of the Super Hero triumvirate that we're doing a "Run THROUGH the water" har har har -_-. And then we somehow landed up in the standing room and in the build-up to Live being on stage after The Parlotones, we somehow or the other strike up a conversation with this Afrikaans girl and her Man-Bitch. My GOD!!! They started talking about religion and of course the ever patient and eloquent Lobelia's student calmly explained the tenets of Islam. Yes to that Anon twat on the earlier posts, we did some Dawah work there. Afrikaans girl offered us some of her alcohol too, most politely i think that's how it started. So her Man-Bitch camp partner at one point when she said she's too old for something actually snivels and says "She's 29*snort*" lol @ the look he got from her. That was priceless. Then there was the woman in front of us who started screaming "Ed, I wanna have your babies!!!!!!" Well that got the third installment of the superheroes LITERALLY rofl'ng.

O and then I picked Saaleha out of a crowd and like the creep I am, walked up behind her,shadow and I both looming over her i flicked her hair gently and asked her in a whisper if she belongs to electric spaghetti...*Tip* don't put pics of yourself up on your blog. I do weird stuff at arb moments. :P

Then there's other people who couldn't make it and who don't answer their phones but eventually do although they miss their favourite song and then there's those that the networks don't allow you to call....

There's so much more to say... But I shall shut up about it now, it plays in my mind like a video. Not so easy to write about. hmmmm...


PW that old bastard died. Shame. Bigger shame's what's waiting for that grumpy, unrepentant,evil, despicable thing on the other side. Personally I felt that he was being given too much status, it was insulting the thought of offering him a State Funeral made me sick as it probably did most South Africans.


What's up with this SAHUC story? Parents are off, I shall be shipped off to my aunt's place since I am thoroughly irresponsible and might just run amok here :P. So I shall blog next year again maybe.

I realised that last year this time i was having a holiday of note in India. Some of the more noteworthy pics. I was in Jaipur now, then it was Agra, then it was back to Dehli (started off in Mumbai), then back to Mumbai, then it was a cruise to Goa, then back to Mumbai, then it was Cochin, Kerala, then Bangalore, then Goa, then we hit the village (and it was awesome, mostly cos we had proper showers :P)then it was back to Mumbai and then back to SA.

Soooo in a nutshell that's what's been happening.

*applause**cheering**flowers**curtsies**bows**blows kisses**waves**curtains*

(PS this post is sort of dedicated to Fatima/Bella :))