Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy '09

I hate New Year Resolutions, which I make up as I go along and by June I am still compiling them. But one that I will try to do something about this year is this blog.

I purposely missed its birthday this/last year, not for a lack of love but for a total overdose of whatever-ness. This blog started off as a completely anonymous and below the radar room for my ramblings and in many ways still is. Whilst I did not have as much time as I would've liked to spend on it, I have had a good run from it and I do occasionally feel compelled to throw out my two-cents to the universe. (Which occasionally results in the universe sending out imbecilic halfwits to throw their two-cents back into my inbox lol.)

I do think that it's time for a re-vamp (no pun intended)of this screen,but I do not have time to read many blogs or comment and I have been told by blog-addicts that I am linked on various other blogs and I should return favours and such. I do have a link list on the side, if you wish to be added, removed or url changed please drop me a line and fill me in on the relevants. And if anyone's died while I wasn't taking notice and is no longer around, let me know about that too please, kthanxbye.

2008 proved to be an interesting year, some good, some bad, lots of sad. Perspective is: losing an uncle and becoming an aunt in the same week. Life changes, life grows, life dies. We all learned, we all changed.

However, the most OMGAWESTRUCKGAWDWHATDOIDONOW moment of 2008 was when yours truly received this in the post:

(some strategic Paint-jobby editing to protect the innocent, anonymous and inboxes)

(If you ever wanted to know why I take ages to reply to some emails...there's your answer too...)

I have the neatest handwriting writing ever on screen. you should see it on paper lol.

Here's wishing everyone, all that is good for them for 09.

Happy Happy :)


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