Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's over

I apologise (to anyone who might've wanted to attend) for not posting this earlier. But I was busy. And although I dearly do love the Arts, I do think the plight of the Palestinians and Lebanese is more important than Krekvars.

Krekvars is our annual drama festival. It's nowhere near as huge or as grand as Grahamstown. It's still a baby festival. Most of the stuff is amateur productions written, directed and produced by the Drama Students. Now UP is a GREAT university. Too bad about the Blaaaaahnians from Blaaaaahdium messing it up with their petty minds, narrow minded views, bitchiness, judgemental attitudes and general sense of Blaaaaahness.(They single handedly manage to kill it for me.) Anyway the quality of research and education is good and UP notoriously doesn't market itself well enough. Probably out of a fear of the Deluge of Dumbness from all quarters deciding to pour in some more. Who knows. But our admin is jacked up and it's almost a total pleasure to deal with the tannies there.We're a well oiled, efficient machine. Our Humanities faculty is the largest in the country as well as one of the better funded ones too. SCORE!!!!!!!!! for teh_post-grads.

I encouraged my Communication for Engineers students (yes the irony of the course title has struck me many times) to go. And I think they came back scarred, the two that did go. Now they really think Humanities students are up to crap.hahahhaha.

So I saw a couple of plays (which have to be 45 mins long so as to fit between lecture times) and reviewed them, just as my friend Andrea (who was putting together the daily review magazine)asked: between 50-100 words. i R rock, said everything I wanted to say in 75 words. cool hey?

Arrggh so now Krekvars's over and it feels like the year's being whittled away again. And I'm running out of options to stay on (any)campus for much longer now :(. But since theatre's in my blood (literally) and I've been intermittently on stage since circa 4/5 yrs old. I am quite a dramatic person anyway (in case you didn't notice). Not a drama queen though, just dramatic and possibly theatrical in my never ending madness. So the Inklings (creative writing society) which our CEO (Mrs N)terms "the fight, bite and write club", are putting on another play after the totally fantastic take on Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer. For the benefit of the Second years.And guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat!!!!!!! It's gonna be a VAMPIRE play. Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!!!. One of my favourite authors and favourite subjects combined. Our plays rock cos for additional cast members we rope lecturers in. They're suprisingly game, because just as John Eppel in Hatchings points out something to the effect that "English Departments attract anarchists of all sorts" (meeeeeeeeeeeeeh lol)dunno if I quoted that correctly.

*insert some sort of cohesive conclusion here*

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Blogger The Organ Harvester said...

ooh child you made me laugh. Being a product of Rhodes University's own Humanities faculty I can honestly identify. One thing I will never allow is for any of my kids to study a Bcom Degree. It seems to increase the stupidity. It leaves them void of all logical thought (The irony...)

And once again I love the bit about Blahdium, because I honestly think 99% of them are prats. I have met two people, two can you believe it, who have been normal human beings.

Love your work.


July 26, 2006 9:50 am  
Blogger saaleha said...

does UP offer a Masters in Creative Writing. I know i could google this and such like, but since you have the inside track...

July 26, 2006 10:26 am  
Blogger queen_Lestat said...

ooo saaleha, we have an honours in professional writing that's apparently quite good. But since translations a biggy then you have to major in another language too i think.

July 26, 2006 10:46 am  
Blogger queen_Lestat said...

OI! I deleted my own comment,*moron-ness* anyway:

Organ Harvester: lol thank you kindly sir.tooooooo true @ Bcom. turns them all into capitalist scum. There's only 2 or so exceptions I know to that idiot rule too.

Saaleha: errr we begged, we cried, we screamed, we fought and we bit the bullet, we're getting it according to the rumours :D => (<--my complete ecstacy smiley) 2008 apparently. And in all likelihood it'll be carried out by the master himself, Prof. DM. I want to give it a go, after I finish my history one or something like that.

July 26, 2006 10:50 am  
Blogger saaleha said...

thanks. If its offered part time, i may just get Tukkied.

Wits has an awesome one too, but they've put it in abeyance for some bureaucratic reason.

UCT would be trés fab, but too far from home for this lone brat and her mother.

July 26, 2006 12:02 pm  
Blogger zee said...

hey no fair! Dont dis the Bcommers - i'm one of em u no - and i turned out just fine...well except for the fact that i cant spell, cant add, cant subtract, cant...........

as for the Humanities faculty - i'm one of em guys that TRULY believes they ARE up to crap!

Not much of an art lover - theatre is nice, but i wont be able to sit and watch just anything. Art as in paintings and shit, is something i still have not learnt to appreciate.

Couple yrs back, got the opp to see the Mona Lisa - ppl were crowding around it, going all krazeee, saying how they never imagined it could be so beautiful -how the symmetry was so amazing....i just thought it was a bunch of crap!

That being said, the 'cultural me' would have attended just to do something new.

nice post.


August 01, 2006 10:46 pm  

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