Monday, August 28, 2006

Arb-ed Struggle

Okay, so after a few near misses as posts, I think I'll have my say on something or the other. As I type now, I'm not really sure on what, but keep reading anyway. I might shock you/myself by saying something remotely intelligent for a change.

Sooooo...whatcha doing? Bleh...that's just sad to blog like that. I really can handle that, doesn't bother me in the least. What really irks me(seems like we have a rant for lift off now peoples)is when you meet these Blaaaaahnian's of the highest class of Plebian society who cannot sustain a conversation and who CONTINUOSLY say "So otherwise what's happening?" *dies*. I believe there's two possible causes of this. 1) They (usually)don't read or retain information in order to make connections between things. 2) They do not have a very good vocabulary(see above) so it is difficult to express themselves.Make that 3 reasons. 3) They're really boring and not interesting and have lint for brains because they do not have many interests or even a world view/frame of reference from which to speak. Now before everyone gets all hyper. If you use the above phrase, what I say does not necessarily apply to you. If you use that phrase more than three times in ten minutes, it might just. If so, pick up a book something which'll make you think a bit. Off the cuff, I'll recommend Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

Whoooohooooo!!!! I managed to mention an author and a title without launching into a lecture on it. I IMPROVETH!! Yeah but anyway that was just a random rant about people who have nothing to say and no way of saying it but instead of leaving and sparing you the trauma, they stick around, make themselves products of their own redunancy and make it extremely painful for everyone. FFS how many more times are you expected to respond and say "NOTHING MUCH..." lol blaaaaahness.

Ohlrighty then *Jim Carrey grin* moving along...
The play's looking good, besides the fact that at some point in the last few days quite a few Vampires and Raging Mobsters have come down with some laryngitis. ^^ Blatant exxxxxxxxaggeration, but hey there's been some. DO NOT PANIC though!!! "Everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be ok"(Infi, that was for you :) ) Well the play's looking pretty good. Please do come, tickets are R35 pay at the door if you phone in to book. There might be some still on sale at the doors to the Lier, but Inklings' plays sell out really fast, so no guarantees there. ooo!!Yes, Ree a queen in her own right's got the details for us below....taaa-daah...

And now blogger screws me over and won't upload. O well, you'll have to wait for that then.

And now the amazing queen_Lestat will perform a death defying feat of self marketing (blame the k-man for it, he said AND I QUOTE "self advertising rocks"). I can almost guarantee that this sentence will be replaced tomorrow when I wonder what on earth I was thinking. It's kind of like having neon lights advertising your favourite, secluded spot on the beach. *flash,flash* see me, see me...get it? (semi pun yeah)


^^^That was what you were waiting for up there somewhere


Blogger I'm gone said...

So, How are things ;P

No, not really. I wouldn't give you that pleasure of being right so easily. You must 'improveth' more before I am belittled for the sake of your uplifting...

Nice Post :D

August 28, 2006 11:26 pm  

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